Community Partners

Our team works to connect artists and art communities globally to each other and diverse audiences that aren’t limited by borders or traditional barriers to entry. We love discovering new artists and experiences, and want to share that joy of exploration with our own Pollinate community. Our digital tools help curate unique creative experiences, both online and off, offering a new perspective on a social experience that’s better when shared.

Soho Renaissance Factory

We work every day to turn a moment into a movement by preserving the work with a consortium of businesses, neighborhood groups, and supporters. Our work will continue until historical institutions have time to process the events of this summer and permanently preserve the art.

3RDSPACE works to sustain and promote artists in the Greater Memphis area. We invest in the essential creative process that drives their art forward and touches all of us, in every corner of our community.  We believe the arts are the backbone to economic and social vitality.

Olu & Company

Olu & Company collaborates with individuals,institutions, and organizations at the intersection of art, design, activism,and social justice to actualize marketing and business goals.

TMJ Arts Collective

We develop, collect, collaborate, and curate all types of art events globally. Our team custom tailors projects to fit the needs of our clients and their global campaigns that infuse Art into the dynamic of the business.

Creative Climate Awards

Our Creative Climate Awards are an annual series of events showcasing climate-inspired works and community action.

We'd love to work with you!

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